IRCD Shells

IRCD Shell Accounts are mostly used in the process of creating your own IRC server.

IRCD shells comes with 3 background processes that makes you capable of running 1 IRCD/ 1 Eggdrop / 1 BNC in order to cover your personal needs.
The number of users who can connect to your server are limited depending on the chosen package. Run as many processes for IRC services such as: NickServ, ChanServ, OperServ, MemoServ, HostServ, BotServ.

In addition, host any web irc chat program such as CGI IRC (web IRC client) or any other IRC clients.

Furthermore, We can also help installing your services for a small free.
Our existence since 2004, keeps our reputation high enough to satisfy your expectations.

IRCD Shell Accounts packages are as follow: