WebShells Price Checker


WebShells Price Checker – your ultimate application for effortless supermarket price checking!

A user-friendly and efficient tool that empowers shoppers to stay on top of the best deals in supermarkets. With its intuitive interface, the application allows clients to add and manage items seamlessly.

Key Features:

1. Easy Item Management: Add your desired products with just a few clicks. Our smart system will automatically fetch relevant details, or you can add custom descriptions and product images for better recognition.

2. Bulk Import via Excel: Save time by importing your shopping list directly from an Excel file. Whether you're organizing a family gathering or preparing for a busy week, our Price Checker streamlines your planning process.

3. User-Friendly Dashboard: Our sleek and modern dashboard makes it effortless to navigate through the application sections.

Our application is designed to make your supermarket shopping experience hassle-free and economical. No more wandering between aisles, trying to recall prices or jotting down notes. With WebShells Price Checker, smart pricing is just a few clicks away.

Experience the joy of saving and join our growing community of savvy shoppers today! Happy pricing with WebShells Price Checker!