WebShells Retail POS

WebShells Point of Sale Tired of manually managing your shop, orders, stock, and reports? We have launched our point of sale system to cover your managerial needs. An Organization consisting of a group including 6 leading developers who gave alot in the success of our project…(Organization’s MembersMembers).

WebShells Retail POS can handle automatically your work process as simple as few clicks.

Our POS Features are plenty!

    • Barcode Scanning
    • Sale register with transactions logging
    • Stock management (Items and Packs)
    • Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
    • Barcode generation and printing
    • Suppliers and Customers database / Including Debt Functionality
    • Multiuser with permission control
    • Receivings
    • Reporting on sales, orders, inventory status, and Debt
    • Automatic Backups
    • SMS Sender
    • Mass Mailing

and much more! Access our POS

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If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, or a small snack, please check our Restaurant Management System!