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OSPOS organization, developing future.https://ospos.wshells.org

OSPOS Project

WebShells Point of Sale
Tired of manually managing your shop, orders, stock, and reports? We have launched our point of sale system to cover your managerial needs after a series of contribution to the well known PHPPOS/OPOS organization consisting of a group of 6 worldwide leading developers that participated in the success of the above-mentioned project…(Organization’s […]

WebShells Retail POS

WebShells Leave Management System
WebShells Leave Management System! Tired of manually managing your staff’s vacation & overtime requests ? We have launched our online system to cover your HR needs ! WebShells Leave Management System can handle automatically your employees’ vacations and OT requests as simple as one click. Price is as low as […]

WebShells LMS

Jaroudi Media, a Lebanese production house. http://youtube.com/JaroudiMediaa Youtube channel monetization and management.

Jaroudi Media

OSPOS Project
AlArabPost.com, a Lebanese news network. http://alarab.wshells.ws User: AlArab Pass: alarabdemo!@#

AlArab Post

Ali Hleyhel, a Lebanese Folklore Singer. http://alihleyhel.com

Ali Hleyhel