Leave Management System

WebShells Leave Management SystemWebShells Leave Management System!

Tired of manually managing your staff’s vacation & overtime requests ?
We have launched our online system to cover your HR needs !

WebShells Leave Management System can handle automatically your employees’ vacations and OT requests as simple as one click.

Price is as low as 2.00 USD/employee!





  • Comprehensive online documentation (French and English).
  • Notifications by e-mail (requested, accepted, rejected and new user).
  • Leave request approval workflow (1 validator).
  • Overtime request approval workflow (1 validator).
  • Leave balance report (filtered by department).
  • Monthly presence report.
  • Export to XLSX (Excel, LibreOffice) in a click (almost all pages of the application).
  • HR users can edit any leave or overtime request.
  • Set your own contracts and leave types.
  • Calendars of leaves (individual, team, collaborators, etc.).
  • Describe your organization in a tree structure and attach employees to entities, define a supervisor per entity.
  • Non working days (weekends and day offs) can be defined on a contract so as to automatically calculate the duration of a leave and to display them in the calendar.
  • Available in English and French.

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