Gym Membership Management System


Are you worried about tracking your memberships? We’ve got you the right solution. 

Through our solution you can manage your Gym without any difficulties or worrying about expired memberships, packages, and account balances.

. Generate Barcodes/Cards for Members.

· Reservations module for scheduling and booking.

· Assign and select packages with various time limits.

· Track history of visits and payments.

· Check present members at any moment.

· Create member groups with various discounts.

· Create different package types.

· Pause packages during vacations or holidays.

· Create employee groups.

· Monitor work of employees: presence & salary calculations.

· Detailed useful reports including:

  • Members visits by days and months
  • New members by days and months
  • Upcoming expiry memberships
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Reports categorized by gender/age

· Expenses Module

· Automatic check-in Module. 

· Partial Payments Module. 

· Measurements Module.

· POS Module.

· Door access control

· Easy import/export for data/report files.

· Use webcam to take photos for members.

· Send email directly through our SMTP.

· Network mode supported.

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