Laundry Management System

Tracking your clients’ laundry, pieces, color, defects, & delivery was never easier!

We developed Wash Me by WebShells as a dedicated Laundry Management System, where you can manage your daily work process with no struggles, we’re highlighting some of it’s features below!

. Generate Barcodes for each Item.

· Receive orders by PCs or KGs.

· Track history of clients & payments.

· Assign drivers including Web Portal for pickup scheduling.

· Create client groups with various Coupons.

· Create different cloth types, colors, defects.

· Detailed useful reports including:

  • Periodic Report
  • Income Report
  • Expenses Report
  • Profit & Loss Reports

· Web Ordering Module for delivery and Client Accounts.

· Smart Phone App Ordering.

· Admin & Employee Module

· Expenses Module

· Google Location Module ( For Pickups ).

· Partial Payments Module.

· Cloth, Services, & Price Module.

· POS Module.

· Easy import/export for data/report files.

· Send email directly through our SMTP.

· Network mode supported.

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